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Having a Blue Awareness is more than just KNOWING about the problem in the ocean, it rather means FEELING it. It triggers the first step of the journey from being part of the problem towards being part of the solution.

The Offer

Blue Awareness sets the direction for your event, changes the mindset of your pupils or facilitates the change you want in your company! 

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You want to join the tribe and help to raise a Blue Awareness? You are more than welcome!

The Mission

Everyone is aware of what is going on in our ocean, but we are still heading in a wrong direction. What we need is a new awareness...


The BA Online-Course

The BA Online Course

What we can learn from Corona

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What's new?

BA got honoured with Climate Price

Blue Awareness has a clear vision: To save the Ocean! What we do to make this vision a reality? We make everyone around us to a hero of the ocean.


How we do that? Most people know, that they are part of the problem. Anyways, for most of them, it is hard to change. Which is not surprising, as we have WRONG thoughts: Thoughts, in which we face a tremendous problem and in which our individual actions don´t make a difference. This kind of thoughts make us feel helpless, powerless and even meaningless. Which is manifested in our actions (We do not change our behaviour) and results in the current reality.


So, how do we make others to heroes of the ocean? By creating the RIGHT thoughts. We raise emotions that real heroes feel: Love, sorrow, anger and enthusiasm. What follows is effective action. The Result: More and more people become part of the solution.


In the past year we worked with thousands of adults and pupils. Our work was noticed and honoured with the Climate-Price of the Schwalm-Eder-County. Thank you so much for this appraisal.

Saving the Ocean #26

Chris Landrock

As a passionate surfer, Chris Landrock spends a lot of his time at the ocean. Along the beaches he does not only find shells and driftwood but also more and more plastics. To raise awareness, he started to craft art from what he finds along the shore. His project is called „Meerkreativität“ and he sais: „No clean sea – no you and me“…

The Blue Awareness Podcast

New episode: The Climate Lobbyist

In this episode I am talking to Kai Bergmann. He works for Germanwatch as a climate lobbyist. Thus, he has close contact to and a high influence on political decision makers. Learn how the politicians think and what we can do to make them act towards environmental friendly goals. 


Christian Weigand


Partner & Supporter