Welcome to Blue Awareness

Having a Blue Awareness is more than just KNOWING about the problem in the ocean, it rather means FEELING it. It triggers the first step of the journey from being part of the problem towards being part of the solution.

The Offer

Blue Awareness sets the direction for your event, changes the mindset of your pupils or facilitates the change you want in your company! 

The Association

You want to join the tribe and help to raise a Blue Awareness? You are more than welcome!

The Mission

Everyone is aware of what is going on in our ocean, but we are still heading in a wrong direction. What we need is a new awareness...


What's new?

Rügen 2019


Blue Awareness went to Rügen. We chartered a ship and enjoyed an intense talk during the boat tour to fulfill the common vision: Saving the Ocean! Fortunately, the engagement was very high and on the next day we managed to clean the whole 15km beach of the "Schaabe" between Juliusruh and Glowe. Great job, everyone!

The Blue Awareness Podcast

New episode: The Climate Lobbyist

In this episode I am talking to Kai Bergmann. He works for Germanwatch as a climate lobbyist. Thus, he has close contact to and a high influence on political decision makers. Learn how the politicians think and what we can do to make them act towards environmental friendly goals. 


Christian Weigand


Partner & Supporter