While I am traveling along the coast, I come across a lot of interesting people. Often there are some lessons to learn. Here you can find videos about thoughts I have, projects I realized or travel reports.

Vlog # 8

Rügen 2019

Blue Awareness went to Rügen. We chartered a ship and enjoyed an intense talk during the boat tour to fulfill the common vision: Saving the Ocean! Fortunately, the engagement was very high and on the next day we managed to clean the whole 15km beach of the "Schaabe" between Juliusruh and Glowe. Great job, everyone!

Vlog #7

The impact of Beach Cleans

Cleaning up a beach might seem to be wasted effort considering the size of marine pollution and the never-ending stream of waste that enters the ocean day by day. However, beach cleanups do have major impacts on the environment, yourself and everyone around you! So, don’t hesitate to take your dog, friends or only yourself to the beach and leave it as a cleaner place then you found it!

Vlog #6

Pollution on Gran Canaria

While traveling on Gran Canaria, pollution occurred to me wherever I went. A closed down greenhouse that was left to wind and weather really shocked me and represents the attitude of some locals. I went to the Cabildo (a governmental entity, responsible for environmental issues) to find out about the official perspective on the problem. What I found were officials with best intentions but limited capacities. 

Vlog #5

Stopping the Plastic Problem

Once again horrific news about the plastic problem entered the news: A sperm whale swallowed over 6kg of plastic including 115 plastic cups. Once more I was shocked about what is happening in the ocean right now. This video is about who can be held responsible for this and how to stop them starting today!

Vlog #4

The Clean Swell

Beach Clean Ups don´t only remove litter from the beach, they also change something within the litter picker and within everyone observing you cleaning the beach. However, your next beach clean-may have a whole new dimension: The Clean Swell App! Track what, where and how much of it was picked up at the beach and help scientists to become a better overview of the problem which is necessary to create better solutions!

Vlog #3

The Big Beach Clean Up

Clean Coasts organized the Big Beach Clean to support and motivate litter pickers in Ireland participating at the international “Coastal Clean Up Day”. With the support of Clean Coasts I started my own clean up event. Amazingly, it was really easy to find a motivated crowd to join my clean up and we collected a whole lot of litter. However, the clean-up was overshadowed by the finding of stranded sea mammals…

Vlog #2

Surfing in Ireland

This week the swell was on! Apart from endless surf sessions, I had a great interview with Seamus McGoldrick and faced one of the problems that come along with doing a beach-cleanup. Join me on a lonely hike and see how the weather got me down...

Vlog #1

Arriving in Ireland

Week one of the adventure Blue Awareness brought me to Ireland, County Mayo. I joined my friend Chris, who is living here for 1 year. He introduced me to Kevin O'Callaghan, who is a great teacher of environmental issues in the outdoor scene. Follow me along windy beaches, in glassy lakes and on rocky mountaintops and see what we found along the shoreline...


Christian Weigand


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