Some stories are to exciting and entertaining to short them down to a 5 minute video. That's why I started the Blue Awareness Podcast! Listen to "stories about the sea and people saving the ocean" while you are driving, eating, relaxing or cleaning the beach!

In this episode I am talking to Dr. Michael Bilharz, who realizes the vision for 2050 today: Living carbon free. He further developed the CO2-Calculator of the German Environment Agency and publishes guidebooks for consumers and further advice for the everyday live. Check out this Episode to find out about the "big points" of a climate friendly lifestyle!

Like many places, Gran Canaria has a big problem with pollution. While many people are seemingly totally unaware of the problem, there are at least just as many that are willing to change the scene! One of them is José Moreno, who runs the Surf Movie Night Canarias to raise an awareness on the Canary Islands. In this episode he talks about his feelings towards living on a polluted island and his optimism for solving the problem.

Kevin o’Farrell directed and created many different marine exhibitions which were visited by millions of peoples each year. He made good friends with many ocean heroes that pushed the boundaries of how humans could interact with the ocean. That makes him to an amazing storyteller, that shares his adventures with you – for example how he released Kiko aka “Free Willy” into the open ocean...

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The Blue Awareness Podcast

New episode: The Climate Lobbyist

In this episode I am talking to Kai Bergmann. He works for Germanwatch as a climate lobbyist. Thus, he has close contact to and a high influence on political decision makers. Learn how the politicians think and what we can do to make them act towards environmental friendly goals. 


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