Help me to create a Blue Awareness!

So hopefully, I did create exactly the feeling that put you in the mood to take action and save our ocean! That is awesome and it shows that my work here has a purpose! Here is what you can do to help me creating a Blue Awareness:

Do it!

Start changing some habits. No matter if big or small. Rather go with something small that you can keep up longterm, then something big that might become too much of a burden. 


There is nothing more simple and effective then being a multiplicator of change. Inspiring 2 per-sons to do the same thing that you do has the same impact as you doing three times of what you do now!

Connect me!

I rely on good contacts to find the most inspiring stories. Please contact me if you have a place for me to stay or good recommen-dations of places, projects or persons that I can visit.

Support me!

Meeting people that share stories of the sea comes with costs. As Blue Aware-ness became a full-time job without salary, I need your help to cover the expenses. You can donate a few bucks, to keep me rollin!


Where I am now, where I go next

My aim is to get a comprehensive view of what is going on in the ocean, and thus I am trying to see many different places. I don't plan ahead for too long, but rather go with the flow. However, due to editing and other inconveniences I am usually a few weeks ahead of the published videos. Here you can find my current location and -if already decided- the place I want to go next.

Last Location: Germany

Current Location: Portugal

Next Location: Germany


If you don't have a PayPal account please send me an Email and I will send you my bank details!


Christian Weigand

Partner & Supporter