Saving the Ocean

Whoever wants to change from being part of the problem towards being part of the solution can find tons of inspiring stories about everyday people, who (sometimes silently) become “heroes of the ocean”. 

Saving the Ocean #25

Kathi Heusel

The oceans are about to choke of plastic. Something that Kathi is about to change, and she wants the whole world to join. As the plastic pollution is a global problem, its roots often lie far from possible solutions. To connect these dots, Kathi is organizing an online summit to tackle plastic pollution. Sign up and join the summit for free to become part of the solution!

Saving the Ocean #24

Ana Poças

Marine conservation is a job for all of us! Even though most of the information are out there, we must be able to start action. That’s why Ana loves her job at Marilimitado. She works as a marine biologist and takes custumers out to show them the beauty of the ocean and to emphasize for marine protection. Out on the water it is her camera taking the most pictures, as every tour is used to do research on the marine life…

Saving the Ocean #23

Raquel Gaspar

A specific fishing method for razor-shells caused a tremendous pollution with little salt containers in the Sado estuary close to Lisbon. When Raquel Gaspar came to that place, she founded Ocean Alive to make a difference and started to raise an awareness within the local community. Nowadays lot has changed, and the community is cleaning their estuary. I joined them and was amazed by their impact on the environment.

Saving the Ocean #22

Eva Diemer

Huge amounts of litter can be found in our ocean. One way to tackle this problem is to upcycle broken products instead of dumping them. Eva Diemer is a dedicated surfer that started to upcycle old wetsuits. She knows, that each little step can makes a difference and can be lots of fun.

Saving the Ocean #21

Friday for Future

To fight climate change, we need to gather the hand. Worldwide, millions of young students attend the Friday for Future demonstrations. I met some of them in Haunau to find out what the generation has to say that will witness the impact of climate change.

Saving the Ocean #20

Kathi Heusel

CO2 is a huge threat for the oceans. It causes acidification and climate change. As we all need to consume certain things, we all leave a footprint. However, Kathi minimizes her footprint by living off the grid. Apart of saving CO2 she becomes a whole new awareness of her consumption. A pleasant side-effect is to reconnect to your self and to nature…

Saving the Ocean #19

Paulo Lourenco

Paulo Lourence grew up with and in the ocean. Now he works in one of the most dangerous maritim jobs: He harvests barnacles for a living. Furthermore, hi is the president of the local barnacle association. As he observed a decrease in the barnacle stock, he is trying to make their harvest more sustainable to ensure their preservation.

Saving the Ocean #18

Leona Ritter von Stein

Many people want to do something about pollution, but often they don’t know where to start. Leona has the great idea to create a “Spot of hope” in your area. By putting up ashtrays she helps to fight the big problem of the number 1 found item when it comes to pollution – the cigarette butt. The message is clear: Pock it, don’t drop it!

Saving the Ocean #17

Michael Bilharz

To reach our climate goals, economies have to be carbon free by 2050. Michael Bilharz lives that vision today and lowers his carbon footprint to zero. By doing so he does not only protect the climate but also the oceans! And the best: Some big points of a carbon free lifestyle can be adopted fast and simple!

Saving the Ocean #16

Janne Paajanen

Janne found a rather exceptional way to spend his birthday: He organized a beach cleanup. To make sure that everyone is coming, he invited his friends to a surprise on the beach. A clever move, as some of his friends committed that they have never done something like it before. A great way to raise a Blue Awareness, Janne!

Saving the Ocean #15

Carlos Velázquez

As he grew up on Gran Canaria, Carlos Velazquez has observed many changes on the island: The waste treatment has evolved in the past decades but also the amount of plastic. He is convinced that the canaries cannot be pessimistic about the problem and does his best to solve the problem by creating a plastic free workplace.

Saving the Ocean #14

Julie Dass

When Julie and her family came to the beautiful island of Gran Canaria they discovered plastic pollution under water and all along the beaches. As she felt that someone had to do something about it, she and her son Nathan (Check episode 12 of Saving the Ocean) founded Oceans4life, an initiative to clean up the island.

Saving the Ocean #13

Jo Hendrickx

It was a moment that Jo Hendrickx describes as the Styro-breakfast. Tons of single use plastics were used in good quality hotels and piled up in the bins. A tipping point for Jo: “I knew I had to do something!” - Travel Without Plastic was born, and Jo is now raising a blue awareness in Hotels all over the world to help them mitigate plastic waste.

Saving the Ocean #12

Nathan Dass

At the age of 15 Nathan Dass moved from the UK to Gran Canaria. As his family found many beaches polluted by plastics and litter, they decided to do something about it. What started as monthly beach clean with roughly 10 people grew into the marine initiative Oceans4life that operates on the whole island. Nathan, that is now co-founder, would have never thought possible what they achieved within the last year…

Saving the Ocean #11

José Moreno

Like many places, Gran Canaria has a big problem with pollution. While many people are seemingly totally unaware of the problem, there are at least just as many that are willing to change the scene! One of them is José Moreno, who runs the Surf Movie Night Canarias to raise an awareness on the Canary Islands. In this episode he talks about his feelings towards living on a polluted island and his optimism for solving the problem.

Saving the Ocean #10

Kevin o'Farrell

Kevin o’Farrell directed and created many different marine exhibitions which were visited by millions of peoples each year. He made good friends with many ocean heroes that pushed the boundaries of how humans could interact with the ocean. That makes him to an amazing storyteller, who shares his adventures with you – for example how he released Kiko aka “Free Willy” into the open ocean.

Saving the Ocean #9

Damian Foxall

Growing up in Derrynane, a little village at the Irish west coast, Damian Foxall had the privilege to experience the pristine beauty of the ocean. Becoming a professional sailor gave him the voice to promote the beauty of the ocean and to raise a Blue Awareness. However, his advice, how to “Save the Ocean”, is not directed to fellow sailors only…

Saving the Ocean #8

Pauline Beades

Oil spills have a devastating impact on the environment. Often oil slicks can’t be stopped to destroy whole ecosystems. We all know pictures of birds covered in oil. But what is the right way to help those poor creatures? What I have learned from the Oiled Wildlife Response Network: The answer is counterintuitive…

Saving the Ocean #7

Lucy Hunt

Lucy Hunt is saving the ocean by running Sea Synergy, a marine awareness centre in her local community. She is a marine biologist and realized that many people weren’t aware of the amount of wildlife in the ocean right in front of them. By taking those people to the beach and in the water she is creating a Blue Awareness…

Saving the Ocean #6

Louise Hastings

Have you ever entered a beach and felt sick because of facing more rubbish then sand? On July the 1st this has happened to Louise. It was too much to bear and so she organized a beach clean up. Her first beach clean up turned into a great success what motivated her to keep going. What started as a beach clean became a movement and her Facebook page “Keep our beaches clean” reached over 1000 follower within 3 months…

Saving the Ocean #5

Fergal Smith

As a pro-surfer, Fergal Smith has been living the dream of many. However, he decided to step out of this life and to start an organic farm, the Moy Hill Community Farm. In this episode we talk about his motivation to do so, his concerns about the surf and travel industry and about how one can keep traveling while living sustainably.

Saving the Ocean #4

Donal Liston

Learn how Donal makes his own town, Ballybunion a nice place to live and therefore a nice place to visit.

I was hitchhiking to a remote farm and was taken by Donal. While driving we talked about Blue Awareness and Donal told me about his engagement in the ocean...

Saving the Ocean #3

Fergal Smith

Irish big wave legend Fergal Smith stepped out of the business of being a surf pro. Instead he started the Moy Hill Community Farm to grow organic vegetables. Apart from harvesting the most incredible crops and watching the soil become better and better each year, Fergal also minds the ocean. Because even though some farms might be far away from the sea, they do have an impact…


Saving the Ocean #2

Seamus McGoldrick

I had the great pleasure to meet Seamus McGoldrick: He is a big wave bodyboarding legend and "Clean Coasts Individual of the year 2017". We talked about how to protect the ocean by solving the plastic pollution on an individual level. His approach of saving the ocean is surprisingly simple...

Saving the Ocean #1

Kevin O'Callaghan

After spending decades in the outdoors, Kevin O'Callaghan observes big changes in the ocean. He is educating the outdoor coaches of tomorrow and tells me what is needed to teach environmental protection. Espe-cially if the size of the problem is overwhelming...

Saving the Ocean #26

Chris Landrock

As a passionate surfer, Chris Landrock spends a lot of his time at the ocean. Along the beaches he does not only find shells and driftwood but also more and more plastics. To raise awareness, he started to craft art from what he finds along the shore. His project is called „Meerkreativität“ and he sais: „No clean sea – no you and me“…


Christian Weigand

Partner & Supporter