The Issue

The ocean’s health is in severe danger! We all know about it, but little happens. How can we turn the tide?

The Vision

A critical mass of the society is no longer willing to accept the decrease in ocean’s health. They have a Blue Awareness that makes them feel the problem and act against it. Politics, economy and the society follow their lead into a sustainable future in alignment with Planet Earth’s capacities.

The Mission

Making people take their first step on the journey from being part of the problem towards being part of the solution.

But how?

Step 1: Create empathy for the ocean

We only protect what we know. 

Blue Awareness reconnects people with the beauty of the ocean and teaches them about its vital role in our everyday life.

Step 2: Feel the Problem

What we hear about the problems in the ocean often creates a logical understanding, only. Facts and figures are great in discussions, but do we truly understand, what those astronomic numbers are trying to tell us?

Blue Awareness tells the individual stories behind those numbers. What harm can one straw do to a turtle? What can fishermen tell us about empty nets? Those stories make us feel the problem and help to see a clear connection between our personal actions and their impact on the ocean.


Step 3: Become a Hero of the Ocean

Now that we feel the problem, we are just in the right state of mind to take action. Many inspiring stories about other heroes of the ocean will help you to find one measure that YOU can take to make a change. It is the first step on the long journey from being part of the problem towards being part of the solution. Let this first step become a habit and then go on and take the next one. And the next one…

The Vision

Creating a Blue Awareness

We all do have a awareness of what is going on in the ocean. What we don't have is the spark that triggers action. In recent studies I showed that the EU fails to create blue growth. So how can we turn the tide?

We need emotions to create action and examples that we can follow to tackle such a vast problem. I want to deliver both, and aim to create a Blue Awareness that embodies not only the intellectual knowledge but the nudge to take the first step 

My Motivation


Hello, I am Chris and I am completely devoted to the ocean!


I have ever since felt a deep connection to the ocean and the beauty of nature.  So I always urged to live close to the sea and to use my energy to save the ocean from the severe pressures it faces.

Consequently, I ended up studying ‘environmental and resource economics’ in Kiel, straight at the Baltic Sea in the north of Germany. In my master’s thesis, I measured the sustainable development of the oceans and marine resources since 2012 within the EU – a region with probably the best capacities to act upon the rapidly worsening conditions in the ocean for both marine life and humanity. My results were alarming: We are treating the ocean even less sustainable than we did back in 2012! And even then, we were far from good, not to dare speaking of sustainable. In short: We all KNOW about the problem, but as a society, the actions we take are STILL headed in the completely wrong direction!

These findings made me feel sad and somehow helpless. If all that knowledge we have is not resulting in a really sustainable development, how are we going to protect the ocean? At some point I realized, I was not helpless at all. My findings woke me up. If the awareness we have does not help to protect the ocean, it is obviously not the one needed. I was no longer willing to believe that there is no way of making a change for good. So I challenged myself to raise a ‘blue awareness’.  I want to make a change in this world and this is how:

We all know the ocean is in danger! We all have seen the numbers and figures in the news, the documentaries and projections what will be in 10, 20, 50 years. Yet, our minds did not change so much that we took actions to the right direction.  So since speaking to the heads and minds of the people did not seem to work out, I want to speak to their hearts! I don’t want them to think about it anymore, I want them to feel about it. I want them to feel what I felt, when I finished my thesis. I want them to get at least a glimpse of the experience, that all the people living from the sea have to experience. And in the end, I want them to care and feel the same urge to do something about it like I did when I decided to start of ‘Blue Awareness’!

To enable you to feel, what I felt, what they feel every single day, I will bring them to you by visiting them! I will go to the people that face the struggles of an ocean on the edge of collapsing. I will listen to them, work with them, LIVE with them, to get ahold of what their everyday life is like. And I will share their stories with you by building up my own, personal story from them, so that wherever you are, you can create your own blue awareness.


Christian Weigand

Partner & Supporter