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"After telling these stories, one can see a Blue Awareness in the eyes of the audience.

And sometimes, one can read about it in the newspaper a few weeks later. Because those people came alive!"

The ocean’s health is not a topic for the Facebook timeline, only. Chris' love and passion for the ocean reconnects the audience with its beauty and its vital role in our everyday life. Stories about the sea make everyone understand the urging problems that the ocean is facing, not only on a logical but rather on an emotional level. This Blue Awareness makes it easy to find the first (or next) step on one’s personal journey from being part of the problem to being part of the solution.

Source: Hessischer Rundfunk



“It is a game changer to actively experience what we often only talk about. The Blue Awareness workshops are deepening our understanding of the complex problem and our own possibility to become a Hero of the Ocean!”

Do you want to playfully learn more about the limitations of the ocean’s resources? Do you want to proof yourself, what scientists are telling us? Do you want to take the first step on your own journey to become a hero of the ocean? Then we should talk about a Blue Awareness workshop, a guaranteed game changer for your school, university, company, event, festival, …



“Corporate change is never easy. Old habits and refusal of new approaches are hard to overcome. What is needed is a Blue Awareness within the hearts and hands of those, who are supposed to facilitate the change!”

To really turn your business blue or green or any kind of sustainable, is easier said than done. There are so many good reasons to do so, but what is your motivation? We will find and clearly define your individual WHY to get your team and costumers on board! Upon that you built your WHAT: What is going to be changed in your business? The possibilities are endless, but which one is authentic and suits your company best? There is the saying: “Don’t worry about the HOW, as long as you know WHAT!”. Even though I am convinced this holds true, I am pleased to not only start but to accompany your process on how your business taps into sustainability!



For bookings please check the calendar and find a free spot. Have you found a possible date? Please send me an E-Mail with your request and I will get right back to you with further information.


"The two presentations of Blue Awareness have been a full success at our school. Chris takes the audience on a fascinating and contemplative journey to the ocean that encourages to take action. The talk was rhetorical brilliant, well-structured and particularly authentic. Our pupils (Age 10 to 19) were excited to hear a talk that is electrified by Chris’ commitment and passion for the ocean. We will surely engage him for future events."

Tanja Neiber, Teacher at Schwalmgymnasium Treysa

"Chris is an enthusiastic and inspiring oceanic story-gatherer and -teller. He shows the ocean’s beauty, importance and also its threat in a fascinating manner. He authentically connects those stories with our everyday life, motivates and shows possibilities to become part of the solution instead of remaining a part of the problem. Inspired by his talk, pupils of my school founded the local project “Wir für ein sauberes Alsfeld” (Together for a clean Alsfeld). My key insight: The start is the goal! Whoever has started is on the way."

Alexander Möller, Teacher at Albert-Schweizer Schule Alsfeld 

"Christian Weigand devotes himself to the plastic pollution in our oceans with resolution and his way to emphasize the audience for the urgency of this problem by telling stories. He lives up to his maxim and connects to the people on an emotional and simultaneously motivating level. His love and passion for the ocean touches the audience and doesn’t allow any step of mitigating plastic to appeal trivial. He shows why it is worth to fight for the ocean and that this fight can start with everyone and in small scale. For me, his presentation was a key moment to start my journey from being part of the problem towards being part of the solution."

Alexandra Goeller, Pupil

“Roughly 70 young people were listening in awe to Christians lively talk that caused long conversations as an aftermath. Even those, who usually have problems to follow program with high content were stunned by Christians presentation. He made a very clear point that it depends on everyone to make a change but not to ask too much of yourself: Take a small, manageable step and the next will follow as a consequence. Many small people in many small places taking many small steps will change the face of the world.”


Stephan Hübner, Youth Education Contributor of the BUNDjugend Hessen

"Christians talk was great, appealing with a meditational start, very impressive, exhilarating but also with shocking images, stirring and emotional, fulfilling his proclaimed goal: Bring the knowledge about the polluted oceans from the head to the heart. He created emotion that eventually triggered an action.

The presentation came alive as Christian told personal stories, addressed the audience, used photos and video-clips and presented with much gesture. His colloquial way of speaking made it easy to follow for everyone and both children and adults got the message without getting bored. Conclusion: Highly recommended to be heard – no, to be experienced!"

Wolfgang Schenk, Managing Board Perpetuum Mobility e.V., Dermatologist


Christian Weigand

Partner & Supporter