Blue Awareness e.V.

On the 30th of December 2018 the Blue Awareness year was closed with another big step for the initiative: 10 members founded the association "Blue Awareness e.V.". Now everyone has the chance to join the movement and participate passively or even better actively to fullfill our common vision: Saving the Ocean!

  1. We are a tribe of ocean lovers! Become part of the movement and connect with likeminded people!

  2. You have great ideas, skills or simply a high motivation to safe the ocean? Great, we are in the process of developing events, projects and ideas to spread the Blue Awareness or to actively safe the ocean!

  3. Your membership fee (of only 2€/month) helps to facilitate the Blue Awareness mission and keeps us running!

Why should I join the Blue Awareness e.V. ?



What happens with my donation?

Donations are used to fulfill the purpose of the association, only. They finance...

... talks and presentations. For example to help schools, that can't effort the booking.

... events to actively protect the ocean. For example a beach-clean-up.

... measures to spread inspiration and a Blue Awareness. For example the production of videos or stands at events. 

Blue Awareness e.V.

VR Bank HessenLand eG

IBAN: DE20 5309 3200 0001 3553 50


Please make sure to add your address and E-Mail to the purpose of transfer so that the donation can be certified.

The normal transfer-fees incur.


Christian Weigand

Partner & Supporter